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Introducing ZeuzCubic : Elevate Your Vaping Experience!


Discover the future of vaping with ZeuzCubic – the ultimate blend of Innovation and statisfation. Our Cutting-edge Electronic Ciggarette offers a remarkable vaping experience that’s truly exceptional.


Modern Sophiscation :

  • ZeuzCubic redefines elegance in design. Sleek, compact and meticulously, crafted, it’s a statement of your style and taste.

Flavour Precision :

  • Elevate your senses with an array of meticulously curated flavours. From Classic to exotic,each puff delivers a symphony of taste that’s unparalleled.

Enhanced Technology :

  • ZeuzCubic Harnesses the latest techonology for pure, consistent vapor production.Say goodbay to compromises and hello to an extraordinary vaping journey.

Explore Zeuzcubic today and taste the future of vaping.


Specifications :

  • Battery Capacity:400mAh
    • Nicotine 3%

      NOTE: Only compatible to Zeuzcubic pods

Zeuzcubic Device

  • - Combining all 1st and 4th generation pods, more different pod connectors will be launched next

    - Cube's own vape cartridge, supports 0.5 and 0.7 cotton wicks and automatically switches to 20 watts

    - Combine IQOS pods, Heets, and all HNB pods

    - Switch between large and small horsepower, small horsepower 7.5 watts / high horsepower 10 watts

    - Strobe lights can be switched on and off, 8 LED lights with built-in chips

    - Use hints for beautiful running LED lights

    - The power supply can be switched on and off, and the Cube can enter a complete shutdown state

    - The body is light and small at 48 grams, 15mm x 50mm x 50mm

    - Support USB C fast charging

    - Large capacity battery 500mAh

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