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DD CUBE Crystal transparent shell, users can clearly see the exquisite SMT process and DES precision engraving circuit inside the fuselage through the fully transparent shell, as well as the internal components such as chips, motherboards, batteries, screws, etc., which is full of technology.

DD Cube Series Device

  • - Combining all 1st and 4th generation pods, more different pod connectors will be launched next

    - Cube's own vape cartridge, supports 0.5 and 0.7 cotton wicks and automatically switches to 20 watts

    - Combine IQOS pods, Heets, and all HNB pods

    - Switch between large and small horsepower, small horsepower 7.5 watts / high horsepower 10 watts

    - Strobe lights can be switched on and off, 8 LED lights with built-in chips

    - Use hints for beautiful running LED lights

    - The power supply can be switched on and off, and the Cube can enter a complete shutdown state

    - The body is light and small at 48 grams, 15mm x 50mm x 50mm

    - Support USB C fast charging

    - Large capacity battery 500mAh

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