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Vape Factories

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At Vape Factories, we offer the best selection of vaping products in the market. Our mission is to provide our customers with quality products, excellent customer service and a wide range of vaping accessories.We are committed to offering the best prices and the highest-quality products for our customers.


With our easy-to-use online store, you can quickly find the vaping products you need at the best prices. Shop with us today and get the vaping experience you deserve.


Why Vape Factories?


✔️ 100% SAFE & Hassle Free 
✔️ 1 Week Warranty 
✔️ Guarantee Authentic & Original

✔️ No Minimum Order Needed
✔️ Cash Upon Delivery 
✔️ Same Day Delivery Available



Fast, safe and hassle free delivery. Thanks vape factories and team! 




Sceptical at first, but the agent assure me and they did a great job. Instructions are clear as well. Kudos to the team!




Cheap and good supplies with great exchange policy to ensure goods are in working condition.

-Siew Li-

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